Merging Rules

In Rulex it is possible to merge not only datasets, but also rulesets from different computations.

A single task, called Merge Rules, allows you to do this.



  1. Drag the Merge Rules task onto the stage.

  2. Connect two tasks, which contain the rules you want to merge, to the new task.

  3. Double click the Merge Rules task.

  4. Configure the options described in the Merge Rule options table below.

  5. Save and compute the task.

Merge Rules options

Parameter Name


Merge also data

If selected, the datasets will be merged along with the ruleset. The datasets will be joined using the row indexes as a key, according to the merge type defined below.

Merge type

If you have selected to merge datasets along with the ruleset, then select the required merge mode form the Merge type drop-down list. Possible values are:

  • Inner, whereby the resulting number of rows is the minimum between the number of rows of the input datasets

  • Outer, whereby the resulting number of rows is the maximum between the number of rows of the input dataset.