Creating Documentation in the Factory

Not available in Factory Lite license.

In the Flow Summary, by clicking on the Documentation tab, you can create documentation for each individual task and/or for the flow as a whole, to make it easier to use and understand.

This documentation can be exported as a .pdf file.

The file is structured as follows:

The Documentation tab has a new option, called Autofill, which automatically creates documentation on tasks with the operations performed on them.

The Documentation tab is made of four buttons:

  1. The Autofill button, which allows to automatically fill the documentation for each task with the operations performed.

  2. The Add comment to flow button, which allows to write additional notes on the flow and to format them. It is possible to use it also without choosing to Autofill the documentation.

  3. The Export documentation button, which allows to export the documentation and to save it on the sources available.

  4. The Search button, which allows to look for specific tasks and their corresponding in the list.



  1. Click the Documentation button in the Flow summary.

  2. Click Autofill to automatically fill the documentation with the operations performed in each task of the current flow.

  3. Click Add comment to flow and add more information to the documentation.

  4. Then, click Export documentation to export the documentation to an available source. Then, provide the information shown in the table below.

Parameter Name



Choose whether you want to use a Custom or a Saved source, then choose the filesystem you need.

Insert desired documentation name

Write the desired exported file name.

Autofill empty spaces

If there are any empty spaces in the documentation, you can choose the following options:

  • None: no empty spaces will be filled.

  • Only flow: the empty spaces in each task of the flow will be filled.

  • Both flows and modules: the empty spaces in each task of the flow will be filled, as well as those in the modules.