Plots available in the Data Manager

In Rulex Factory there are seven types of plots available:


Plot type


Bar plot

Bar Plots are histograms made up of rectangular bars, whose length is proportional to the values they represent. It is the default plot displayed if you drag the generic Plots button onto your dashboard.

Scatter Plot

Scatter Plots display two or more variable values using a collection of points in Cartesian coordinates. The position where a point is placed corresponds to a value. They are used for plotting quantifiable relationships between values, in order to identify anomalies, data variance, groups. They are very useful if you wish to understand if there are any general relationships within the data.

Curve Plot

Curve Plots represent the behavior of a quantitative variable as a function of another quantitative variable.

Heat Map

Heat Maps are graphical representations of data where the individual values contained in the matrix are represented as colors.

Pie Chart

Pie Charts are circular charts divided into sectors, illustrating numerical proportion.

Box Plot

Box Plots are graphical representations based on the minimum, first quartile, median, third quartile and maximum value of a quantitative dataset.

Stat Plots

Stat Plots are statistical graphical representations. You can choose to create a ROC curve, Lorenz Curve, P-P Plot and Q-Q Plot.