Rulex Platform Standalone Prerequisites

To start using Rulex Platform and to install it on your Windows machine, you need:

  • Rulex Platform Installer: the installer is a folder that contains all the files necessary to install and run Rulex Platform on your machine.

  • Product Key: the Product Key is a code, provided along with the installer, which identifies all the features of the license you bought. It is an alpha-numerical combination that contains:

    • The services bought and the limitations you have in their use (for example, the tasks that you have included in your package);

    • The number of users that can use the services at the same time;

    • The maximum number of sessions that can be run at the same time.

To receive the Product Key, you can contact your Rulex Point of Contact or you can fill the form linked here to receive a 14-day free trial.


In order to use Rulex Platform in the best way possible, the machine you are using needs to comply with the following parameters, depending on the license:





Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit) - 1909 or higher
Windows Server 2016 or higher


CPU with x86_64 architecture

4 cores recommended, 8 cores optimum.


4 GB (minimum) – 8 GB (recommended)

16 GB (minimum) – 32 GB (recommended)

The following RAM prerequisites are based on an average number of cells to process:

  • 8GB for up to 500.000.000

  • 16GB for up to

  • 32GB for up to

  • 64GB for up to

Hard Disk Space

50 GB (minimum) – 200 GB (recommended)

200 GB (minimum) – 500 GB (recommended)

1TB minimum, 2TB recommended, although the exact amount of space depends on the volume of ingested data.


1000 recommended, 2000 optimum.

Network Connectivity must always be accessible.