Release Notes 1.1.2

Version 1.1.2-231

Released December 04, 2023

Features changed:

  • Databricks specific connector (RP-2968): connector to Databricks is now available in the standalone version.

  • Changing procedure to get table header (RP-2972): the procedure to get a table header in a SELECT query has been changed: it now fetches 0 rows instead of 1 (if possible).


  • [RULEX PLATFORM CLOUD VERSION] Local file upload for large files (RP-2960): the current version in uploading local files bigger than 100 MB suffers of long delay and sometimes of timeout issues. Upload has been rewritten to use standard HTTPS multipart/form-data protocol which solves all the previous issues.

  • Some users are not able to open Rulex Factory - Red computer icon (CS-2510/RP-2875): in some systems the current timeout (10 s) for the connection from the Rulex GUI to the backend was not sufficiently long. This timeout has been increased to 60 seconds.

  • Flow execution fail due to Unknown Internal Error (CS-2557/RP-2961): the raw internal format of Excel (without the number of rows and columns) has been managed.

  • Issue on advanced entry in Type submenu on the Data Manager attribute list (RP-2934): advanced management of types in the Attribute list context menu of a Data Manager task did not properly manage the difference between results and attributes, leading to a graphical issue. GUI has been updated.

Version 1.1.2-216

Released November 28, 2023

Features added:

  • Add option in Conditional Import to decide whether to use the "WITH" clause or not (RP-2939): an option has been added in Conditional Import to decide whether to use the "WITH" clause or not during query execution.

  • New option in module task for error management in loops (RP-2936): a new option for modules has been implemented, allowing to continue with the subsequent iterations if the previous one led to an error. This option is available for not-reentering data modules only.


  • [Factory] Add group columns not included in the module settings (CS-2558/RP-2928): importing a prcx with option "add group column" in ImportXML tasks set to "True" led to a bug that set the option to "False" in the imported rfl.

  • Business Use Duplicating in Factory (CS-2559/RP-2927): exporting an Excel with "append sheet" and sensitivity to Sharepoint led to the duplication of the sensitivity prefix.

Version 1.1.2-153

Released November 19, 2023


  • FRT for Factory (CS-2514/RP-2908): there was a bug in the Flow Review Tool which led to an error if some rules checking nparallel and some execution parameters or suppress alerts were set.

  • [Factory] Not Pulling the Correct Sheet (CS-2551/RP-2920): while importing a prcx file, containing a sourceexcel with a selected sheet and bulkmode option equal to "0", Rulex Platform imported the prcx with the option sheetmode "all" instead of "selected".

  • Data not populating correctly from Json file (CS-2549/RP-2918): a bug on importJson led to an incorrect import operation when importing a json with a particular configuration of object and arrays.

  • Factory: sensitive variable text is visible after copy - paste to excel (CS-2555/RP-2923): sensitive variables couldn’t be copied anymore.

  • [Factory] Attributes not visible when being added as inputs in LLM (CS-2552/RP-2919): LLM now accepts binary and currency attributes as inputs.

  • Blank window when multiple variables are deleted (CS-2541/RP-2911): a blank window was displayed deleting filtered variables.

Version 1.1.2-97

Released November 11, 2023

Features changed:

  • Drag tabs to rearrange (RP-2843): drag and drop operations between task tabs now change the order of the various tabs. It is now possible to detach a tab through context menu opened with a right-click.

  • HTTP Method can be enforced in Export Json/XML task through HTTP (RP-2887): the HTTP Method available in export tasks was only POST. Now the POST or PUT methods are available through a dedicated drop down menu in the export tasks.


  • Problems in exporting documentation when flow has a module inside (RP-2882): fixed a bug when exporting documentation with "Both flow and modules" mode.

  • Attributes for pasting formula must scroll over the displayed ones (RP-2855): copy/paste formula operations did not consider only displayed columns.

  • Null Function/s in function Menu (RP-2845): in the function menu Null functions were wrongly divided into two different families due to a GUI typo. Typo has been corrected.

  • Error in Feature Ranking (RP-2515): with the Enable-multi plot option checked, the system returned an error if no plot was selected. The issue has been solved, since plots are not refreshed if at least one entry is not selected.

  • Plan schedule: "Add a new Schedule" button ignoring user click (RP-2773): the click operation was possible on the Add new schedule text but not on the entire button list. The click operation is now possible on the whole button.

  • Bearer Token Form is not displayed in creating a saved source (RP-2872): some graphical defects were present in Saved Source wizard for the creation of an HTTP server Filesystem resource. If the Bearer authentication was selected, the token text field would not be displayed correctly.

  • A detached task window is not raised by double click (RP-2893): when a task is detached from the Tasks Tab Window it was not focused by double clicking on it on the stage.

  • Function menu entry for strip function (RP-2862): in the function menu, the strip function parameter ischarlist was reported with default value False, even if its default was True. The documentation has been corrected.

  • Unknown internal error in Fill & Clean (CS-2534/RP-2901): a bug was leading to an error when using missing value as impute missing for nominal values in Fill and Clean.

  • Unexpected behavior of priorities (CS-2513/RP-2896): priority was miscalculated when a runtime variable and a source task were present in the same branch.

  • Error 42000 in Conditional Import (CS-2528/RP-2891): there was a bug in the Conditional Import task where, when both tables and query were present, tables were used instead of query. Now the bug has been fixed and if both query and table are present, query is always used.

Version 1.1.2-69

Released November 06,2023

Features changed:

  • New default for option "typestr" in ImportJson (RP-2858): default for option "typestr" in ImportJson has been changed from "type" to None. Prcx from Rulex4, when imported, set the value of the option to "type" (if a value is not already present) to mantain back compatibility.


  • Unknown internal error when trying to run WF in Rulex Factory (RP-2873/CS-2507): a bug was present when importing a prcx that had "priority first" as priority policy, that led to error when trying to compute the flow. Now the bug has been fixed and Rulex Platform correctly imports this type of prcx.

  • WRT for Factory (RP-2868/CS-2514): presence of a bug on Workflow Review Tool that led to an error in case some option check by the WRT were not set. Now the bug has been fixed, the WRT accepts both "Workflow" (as in Rulex 4) and "Flow" in the sheetname field.

  • Syntax Error received for Kodama BR and PE in Rulex Platform (RP-2866/CS-2515): a bug was present in the conditional import task, which led to a syntax error in query when the input dataset has 0 rows. Now the bug has been fixed and the conditional import works properly.

  • Rulex Factory not actioning nodes correctly in module (RP-2861/CS-2508): a bug was leading to an error when computing exports task in module without a basename for file. Now the bug has been fixed and export operations without a base name for file work properly even in modules.

  • Misleading error when no authorized to connect to SharePoint using Azure method (RP-2847/CS-2485): in case of error in reaching a file to download in SharePoint with Azure Authentication, a misleading error was raised. Now a proper error message is returned in these cases.

  • CVE in libcurl versions < 8.4.0 (RP-2841): a vulnerability was found on libcurl library used inside Rulex Platform kernel. Version has been updated to the fixed version 8.4.0.

  • Context Help not working correctly (RP-2842): context help in tasks was not showing correctly the option name at pointer hover.

  • Python path not well escaped in Python Bridge (RP-2877): the Python path in Python Bridge and the Rterm executable in r bridge were not correctly escaped with respect to the windows path separator "\". As in the other import tasks, now the path is treated by using the Unix-like path separator "/".

  • Issue with booleans in import task (RP-2878): the binary variables management when importing Excel files has been corrected.

  • Network Optimizer and Fair Share Issue (RP-2874): the parameter allocation when generating threads for Coin-Or has been managed.

Version 1.1.2-49

Released October 24, 2023


  • Round Bars in Bar Plot was not correctly plotted if bar was not entirely contained in view port (RP-2833): if the bar was not entirely contained in plot view port, the rounding algorithm fails to evaluate correctly the new bar path.

  • Strange Loop effect in Selection application on Studio (RP-2828/RP-2814): filter selection in Plots of Rulex Studio has been highlighted with a dedicated icon and loop interaction has been controlled by an implicit AND comparison between different filters.

Version 1.1.2-46

Released October 22, 2023

Features added:

  • Add CreateDatasetFromScratch and SetLoadFile method (RP-2816): added useful methods to import a file and to create a new dataset from scratch.


  • Unhandled error compute flow batch mode what non existing path (RP-2821): fixed unmanaged error in shortcut computeflow from batch mode when the provided flow path was nonexisting.

  • SharePoint Connection with variable not working (CS-2466/RP-2802): blur operation was not caught correctly in the Remote Connection tooltip. Moreover, the Confirm button press time was too fast and it prevented to get last modifications not yet saved.

  • Licensemanager logout not always called from REST API (RP-2794): in REST API there was a bug causing the licensemanager sessions created by the API calls to not be destroyed immediately afterwards the API call was finished.

  • Unallowed variable names do not raise an error (RP-1643): handled forbidden characters when creating/renaming a variable.

  • Optimizing MySQL INSERT operations (RP-2793): MySQL INSERT operations have been optimized and sped up.

  • Export to Text File: S3 bucket path ignores the first character (RP-2785): handled paths in s3 Connector not starting with "/" char.

  • Make default column width command raises an error if applied on a column with no width modification (RP-2750): if an untouched column is selected and the Make default column width option in the context menu is selected, the result is a backend error, since no column has modifications to be set. This corner case has been managed by preventing the backend call if no columns have to be changed.

  • Deleting a rule in a conditional formatting has no effect (RP-2753): if on an attribute all the conditional formatting rules are deleted, they still persist, since the new layout has no attribute entry anymore. This case is now managed.

  • Double Local File System entry in Response Uri drop down menu (RP-2738): in the Response Uri drop down menu the Local File System entry appeared twice.

  • Unable to set Sharepoint connection through Response Uri Pencil icon (RP-2739): the pencil icon became disabled when the Response Uri is set to any entry different from Local File System.

  • Rule Viewer crash when number of input is lower than number of output values (RP-2775): in previous versions, the Rule Viewer task returned an unhandled exception any time the total number of input attributes were lower than the number of output values.

  • Tabs seem not to close if closed with focus on a different tabs (RP-2780/RP-2767): if the cross icon on Rulex Task tabs in standalone version was clicked with the focus on a different tab and the task which was about to be closed has pending changes, the tab seemed not to close itself because the warning dialog was shown on a not visible tab. The issue has been solved by moving the focus if the task can’t be closed due to pending changes.

  • Issue in fast switching between Attribute and Data Tab (RP-2783): if the user switches fast between the Attribute tab and the Data tab, some remaining calls from the precedent tab will were sent to a no longer existing dataset, leading to a Key error. Now a loading mechanism has been introduced to discard all the calls happening during the loading phase.

  • If the license can not be validated, the standalone version remains hung on the splash screen window (RP-2809): if the license couldn’t be validated, the standalone version remained hung on the splash screen window and the error was returned only in the logs. Now the issue is solved, and the error is visualized in the correct license alert box as already happens in the Cloud version.

  • Nominal query panel graphical glitches in the Attribute area (RP-2810): the nominal query panel had some graphical defects on the Attribute area.

  • Environment Macro Execution (RP-2787): fixed missing license information propagation in macro resource execution, avoiding licensemanager login call.

  • Unexpected change type for binary column (RP-2765): when editing a binary column by inserting in a cell one of the values already present in the column itself, the type was wrongly changed to nominal. Now the column remains binary. It changes to nominal only if a value different from the one already present is inserted.

  • Azure Storage Account import using Account Key (RP-2822): the tree explorer and the import from Azure Blob Storage with shared key authentication have been fixed.

  • The Not operator does not work with not existing variables (RP-2806): when executing a not operation on a not existing variable, the system crashed. Now the issue is managed through a dedicated error.

Version 1.1.2-21

Released October 11, 2023

Features added:

  • Introduced Priority management into Network Optimizer Task (RP-2768): network optimizer task has been changed to introduce the Priority Management feature. Two new options have been added to task GUI to define the required input information.


  • Unknown Internal error after deleting attributes (CS-2439/RP-2777): managed the Data tab reflection of a row deletion at fixed indexes in the attribute tab.

  • Issue with filtering in Rulex Factory (CS-2438/RP-2772): if an attribute has double quotes in its name, there was a bug which prevented the query panel from creating the correct query code.

  • Nested JSON include group column name (CS-2441/RP-2774): in the Export to Json task, if a column had the suffix "_as_list", there was a bug which prevented some of its children's names from being extracted correctly.

  • Some string cells in an XLSM Excel file are not imported (CS-2429/RP-2744/RP-2727): the parsing of string cells in an XLSM Excel can lead to a missing value if macros are present. Parsing has now been corrected.

Version 1.1.2-5

Released October 08, 2023

Features added:

  • Styling possibilities in Data Manager (RP-2350): style column management has been added to the Data panel of the Data Manager task. Columns can now be formatted at persistent level both conditionally or not.


  • Attribute order selection was not preserved if numbers are present as column names (RP-2737): JSON convertion in communication between web frontend and backend changed the selection order if numbers were used as attribute name. Issue is now solved using arrays instead of dictionary to represent attribute selection.

  • Manage Roles always visible (RP-2708) (Cloud version only): the role manager was always available in the User Context Menu and the groups were not correctly visualized internally. Now the Role manager is visible only if current user and groups owns at least one role and dialog has been corrected to show users and groups available.

  • Logout redirect wrong (RP-2729) (Cloud Version): logout operation was not redirecting to the right starting url.

  • Cannot export excel via email/local (RP-2714/RP-2723/RP-2724) (Cloud version): export on local filesystem was unavailable due to a misconfiguration. Issue has now been solved.

  • Confusion Matrix Show percentage checkbox (RP-2740): a graphical bug erased the last number in first column and in first row of the Confusion Matrix if "Show percentage" checkbox was not checked. Issue is now solved.

  • If a window is not the upfront window it can not be minimized (RP-2706): when trying to minimize a window located behind another Rulex Platform window, this would have focussed again without minimizing itself.

  • If an error is returned during Data Manager operations from GUI, the history sometimes is not cleaned (RP-2726): if the unhandled exception is returned by a session command, the history is not correctly cleaned.

  • Rulex Platform Execution Parameters (CS-2424/RP-2696): in Rulex 4, the stop-policy "Stop Neighbours" acted like the "Continue" stop-policy, so the stop-policy has been changed in Imprort Prcx from "Stop Neighbours" to "Continue" to mantain the same behavior. The default stop policy for a new flow has also been changed to "Continue".

  • Changing any Execution parameter throws an error (CS-2425/RP-2694): the prcx import operation prevented from changing the execution parameters of the imported flow, due to a bug in the import operations. Now the bug has been fixed and in the next prcx import operations it is possibile to change the execution parameters.

  • Restore behavior of "Stop Neighbour" as Rulex4 (RP-2730): the behavior of "Stop Neighbour" stop policy has been restored as it used to be in Rulex 4. Therefore, previously introduced conversion in prcx import to "Continue" stop policy has been removed.

  • Error 22: no further information released in Rulex Platform (CS-2432/RP2722): a bug on import from sharepoint caused the task having "Wait until the file is present" option selected to fail instead of waiting. Now the bug is fixed and those tasks show the correct behavior.