Release notes 1.1.1

Version 1.1.1-252

Released October 03, 2023

Features added:

  • Extract Query button in Import from Database and Conditional Import from Database tasks (RP-2693: a context menu has been added to the Import from Database and Conditional Import task interfaces with an Extract Query option to extract SELECT clauses equivalent to the list of selected tables.


  • Malformed paths in Windows service computations (RP-2665): fixed the escape syntax for commands launched from Windows Service by introducing a --batchFile option in the Rulex Platform main executable.

  • Disable compute button in task window when task is undefined (RP-2671): it was possible to compute a task not connected to the rest of the flow. Now if the task status is undefined, the compute button on the task toolbar is disabled.

  • New results management (RP-2679): results were not shown correctly in the Results tab if no modeling sets structure was present. The issue has been solved and the results without internal structure are visualized correctly.

  • HTTP Connection: Header option graphical bug (RP-2533): in the HTTP Server connection panel, the Header table was not filled correctly even if the httpheader option was set correctly.

  • No loading indicator shown during the Datamanager Export operation (RP-2684): when the Export button on Datamanager toolbar task is clicked, no loading panel showing the exportation progress is displayed. The issue has been solved by adding the loading indication during the export operation.

  • Wrong label in the SVM regression task (RP-2682): the label on top of the Attribute list in the SVM regression task was wrong. The label is now aligned on the GUI.

  • Issue in SVM and Neural Network Monitor Tab (RP-2689): SVM and Neural Network Monitor tasks' plots show wrong values in the minimum chart. Plots are now corrected and axis label are now visible.

  • Move animation when one closes a task (RP-2662/RP-2669): closing a task tab in the standalone version by using the cross icon located on the tab header triggered the movement of the focus on the closing tab itself. Now the focus is not changed if a tab is closed.

  • Rulex Platform Execution Parameters (CS-2424/RP-2696): in Rulex 4, the stop-policy "Stop Neighbours" acted like the "Continue" stop-policy, so the stop-policy has been changed in Imprort Prcx from "Stop Neighbours" to "Continue" to mantain the same behavior. The default stop policy for a flow has also been changed to "Continue".

  • Changing any Execution parameter causes an error (CS-2425/RP-2694): the prcx import operation prevented from changing the execution parameters of the imported flow, due to a bug in the import operations. The bug has been fixed by adding the possibility to change the execution parameters in the import operation.

  • Search manager checks only local values of variables and not environment (RP-2687): The search manager has always looked for the local values of process variables, and ignored any defined environment variable. Now the research is performed accordingly to the value of the local/environment option.

Version 1.1.1-216

Released September 22, 2023


  • Unexpected error in computing a Data Manager history (RP-2441): handled the removal of useless operations when saving history.

  • Feature Ranking task: internal server error when changing "Displayed Relevances" (RP-2648): handled relevances in the Feature Ranking task for integer and continuous attributes.

  • Cannot edit/delete pre-filter conditions pasted from Rule Manager (RP-2653): after copying and pasting a condition from a Rule Manager in a Data Manager task's query panel, there was a bug that didn’t allow the user to open the condition.

  • User management bug (CS-2399/RP-2655): in Rulex Platform 1.1.1-206 there was a bug in user name management when a dot is present in it. Now the bug has been fixed and the user names are managed properly.

  • Graphical defect in selection Windows Authentication or Username/password in Database Configuration (RP-2650): Username/Password and Windows Authentication are parametrized with 0 and 1 codes to satisfy the backward compatibility with Rulex 4. This is a unicum in the whole Rulex Platform interface where drop-down menu entries are always strings. This led to graphical defects which forbade the user to switch again to Username/Password from Windows Authentication despite the use of the parametric option setting.

  • HTTP Mail Server panel changed (RP-2612): in HTTP Mail Server username and password were required even when insecure authentication was selected. Username and Password are now hidden where they are not required.

  • Conditional Import Not Working as Expected in Rulex Platform (CS-2392/RP-2643): conditional import task had a bug when importing with conditions over date attributes.

Version 1.1.1-206

Released September 17, 2023

Features added:

  • Log enhanced in connector (RP-2466): introduced a new log tag "connectors" to enable verbose logging for internal http requests sent by the rulexconnector library.


  • Cloud version: Internal Authentication Server first configuration corrections (RP-2642): the first configuration of the internal Authentication Server in Rulex Platform Cloud version didn’t take into consideration the previous incomplete setup. Now any external identity provider already present is overwritten during the first configuration.

  • Unknown internal error in Projection Clustering (RP-2625): in specific cases of Project Clustering, when filtering was active, an unknown internal error was shown.

  • Bug on HTTP as Mail Server bodyschema (RP-2638): if the mail server was an http connection, there was a bug on correct sending of the bodyschema as a json.

  • Missing Plan Schedule entry in environment menu (RP-2636): it was not possible to plan a schedule in the environment menu. Now the operation is allowed via a dedicated entry.

Version 1.1.1-185

Released September 09, 2023

Features changed:

  • Internal and external link connection to images added (RP-2614): now the images can be configured as clickable objects redirecting to an external site or to another slide inside the same presentation. (Studio)


  • Error when clicking on a bar (RP-2608): in the standalone version in case of warning of the external plot library the system does not accept any modification of the inputs.

  • Introduce sensitivity label in http response file (CS-2137/RP-2613): use of sensitivity labels added in response file created by export http if present.

  • Split attribute does not work (RP-2513): split operation does not work at GUI level if the attribute list is filtered by using the search operation. The issue has been fixed and the split attribute operation updates the attribute list correctly.

  • Can’t visualize confusion matrix (RP-2592): confusion matrix task did not show any value if the window was opened not as first task. Now confusion matrix is shown correctly.

Version 1.1.1-165

Released September 01, 2023


  • Pie custom colors are not correctly handled (RP-2558): while using the plot color options menu it was impossible to change a single color in the pie plot. The option is now available and working properly.

  • Error when selecting as module conversion policy "Options and Module" (CS-2312/RP-2593/RP-2448): handled variables when converting modules from .prcx to .rfl in order to be able to retrieve remote files.

  • Issue when visualizing the Weights tab in the Neural Networks Classification task (RP-2556): the Weights tab was not resizing correctly in neural network classification task with the change of the window size.

  • Difference between Rulex Platform vs Rulex 4 (CS-2349/RP-2567/RP-2530): reintroduced cast to continuous for cells in Excel file using scientific notation format.

  • Python Unhandled Exception Error for batch computation (CS-2368/RP-2565): there was a concurrency issue on some cache files when multiple Rulex instances were being launched. Now this error has been managed inside the API.

Version 1.1.1-138

Released August 22, 2023


  • License Search Manager Inherited Session (RP-2517): Search Manager window did not inherit the session Id correctly for license probe from original window and therefore it was considered as a parallel session incorrectly.

Version 1.1.1-131

Released August 16, 2023

Features added:

  • Calendar filter (RP-2351): a dedicated calendar filter has been added to properly set the date filtering option, affecting all the widgets present on the same dashboard.

  • Add documentation shortcut on task window (RP-2484): The documentation of a single task can now be opened from the task window by clicking on the documentation icon on the toolbar.

  • Reshape to Wide new options (RP-2481): two new options have been added to the Reshape to Wide task:

    • A boolean checkbox to enable the smart type recognition on the newly created column.

    • A boolean checkbox to enable the filling of missing values with zeros.

  • New split attribute options (RP-2478): two new options have been added to the split attribute operation:

    • Decidetype, which controls if on the new columns the smart type recognition needs to be activated.

    • Fillmiss, which controls if an empty entry needs to be inserted in case of repeated separator.

Features changed:

  • Copy documentation task information when a task is copied/pasted (RP-2482): modified copy/paste task procedure to copy also the documentation associated to the task.

  • Sorting and filtering categories on plot (RP-2352): a dedicated context menu for plot in studio has been developed to allow filtering the categories shown in a bar/curve/scatter/heatmap plot with a nominal value on an axis. The same menu allows to establish a sorting criteria to order categories.


  • License management in API (RP-2425/RP-2372): the API call had a license session lasting only 5 minutes. A status logic has been added to the api endpoint and a duration logic has been added to allow the user to increase the session duration for api call.

  • Task status not aligned with results (RP-2382): in a Data Manager task, which has been saved but hasn’t been computed, if the history has been modified (actions moved or deleted) and then new operations have been performed and stored on the Data Manager, the computation of the Data Manager led to a dataset which was not aligned with the history.
    Now the storing mode is automatically disabled for all the sessions where at least a modification of the history (move, delete) has been performed.

  • Highlight of results is not visible in some tasks (RP-2476): result background highlight didn’t allow the user to see the selection correctly. This issue was due to a wrong order in the css classes controlling the background color style. The order has been inverted to allow the selection to override the result standard background.

  • Macro code records on task window (RP-2444): macros were not recorded correctly in the standalone version if the operation wasn’t performed on the main window.

  • Query nominal condition - code optimization (RP-2470): in nominal condition over attributes with number of values >= 100, implemented the logic that if the number of the checked values is more than half, the operator is inverted (i.e. “in“ becomes “not in“) and also the list of values is inverted.

Version 1.1.1-106

Released August 09, 2023


  • Fix stop computation started from rest API (RP-2448): before this fix, the stop computation API call was not guaranteed to correctly stop an ongoing flow computation when it was launched from the desktop batch mode. This fix ensures that batch computations are correctly stopped.

Version 1.1.1-83

Released August 05, 2023


  • License manager hammering issue (RP-2443): GUI management from standalone version in case of hybernation of the hosting machine may lead to a wrong increase in the number of active connections through the Rulex License Manager. Issue solved.

  • Gui name mismatch (RP-2422): some elements of the GUI have been aligned with the internal Rulex Platform standard definition. The variables window where editings of variables can be performed is now called variables manager. The button on the toolbar containing the user and the platform configuration has now a description tooltip containing its name: user settings.

Version 1.1.1-41

Released July 25, 2023

Features added:

  • Rule engine task and build & solve task (RP-2354): Two new tasks have been added to the supported extra tasks list:

    • Rule Engine, to manage heuristic rule mechanism

    • Build & Solve, to automatically solve a rule optimization problem.
      Extra tasks are not automatically included in all licenses.


  • Merge flow/merge view issue (RP-2412): during the merge flow/view operation in the remote version, the merging resource was deleted unexpectedly if there was an empty flow/view and a set conflict policy.

  • Empty line in python/r bridge blocks console evaluation (RP-2411): in python/r bridge if an empty line was inserted in the console panel the whole panel remained stuck.

  • Issue in About panel from task window (RP-2355): if the About window was opened from a task window instead of the main window, the focus was not returned correctly to the original window.

  • Option header in http mail server case (RP-2327): the header option in http mail server connection did not allow to add a new header.