Optimizing Association and Replacement Rules

When you have created association or replacement rules, you may want to analyze these rules, using filtering or sorting operations, computing statistics or creating plots.

For datasets these operations can be performed in the Data Manager, while for association and replacement rules you can use the Association Manager.

This task analyzes association and replacement rules in almost exactly the same way as the Data Manager analyzes datasets.

Association and replacement rules have a similar tabular structure to datasets:

  • Association rules are produced as an output of the Hierarchical Basket Analysis task

  • Replacement rules are the output of the Assortment Optimizer task.


You must have produced rules in your flow via one of the following tasks:

Additional tabs:

  • History tab, which tracks all  the operations that have been performed in the Association Manager task, and behaves in the same way as the Data Manager History tab, with icons for the main operations:

    • Minus, for the deletion of rules or conditions

    • Plus, for the creation of new rules or conditions

    • Question mark, for query operations


For a detailed description on how to sort and filter rules, create plots and calculate statistics, and perform other such operations, see the Data Manager pages.