Saving Macros

Not available in Factory Lite and Factory Personal licenses.

If you need to continuously repeat a series of operations or computations in Rulex, you can record these operations as a macro in the development phase. 

Successive users can then reproduce these operations by transforming them into Events and launching the specific event, hence hiding the complexity of the underlying process when necessary.

Saved macros must be converted to Events to use them. To know more on how to add macros to the Events tab and to use them in your flows, go to the Converting Macros into Events to Use Them in Flows page.


  • you must have created a flow;

  • you must have already performed the operations you want to save in the macro.


  1. Click the Record Macro icon in the command bar.

  2. Compute the group of operations you want to record in your macro.

  3. Click the Stop recording icon in the command bar when you have finished your operations.

  4. Select either Source or Event and click Save.

  5. Enter a name and optional description for the macro, then click Ok to save the macro.