Using the Vault Variables

Not available in Factory Lite and Factory Personal licenses.

A vault is a password manager, usually a cloud service, which allows you to securely store and access reserved information.

The information contained in a vault is mostly passwords and login credentials, but may also include certificates, API keys, or anything you need to restrict access to.

Single items of information are referred to as secrets.

Currently Rulex Factory supports:

  • Azure Key Vault

  • Centrify

Before adding a Vault Variable to the flow, you need to set up a vault connection within the Environment.

Rulex's technical documentation does not and cannot provide comprehensive guidelines on the use of third-party software, beyond how Rulex integrates with this software. Please consult the technical documentation of the third-party software itself for up to date information.

Only those who have Modify permissions can set up vault connections and save them as a Source.


Procedure - setting up vault connections

  1. Open the Explorer.

  2. Uncheck the Flow Filter.

  3. Hover over the Plus button, then click onto the Add New Vault button.

  4. Write the required details, then click Next.

  5. Give a name to the source in the Source panel.

  6. Save the source within the environment. Now the Vault is ready to be used in the flows within the same environment.

Procedure - using a vault within a flow

  1. Select the Variables tab from the panel located at the left of the stage.

  2. Click on the pencil button to open the Variables panel and choose the Vault tab.

  3. Click on the plus icon to add a new vault variable.

  4. Choose how many vault variables you want to add, then click Add Variables.

  5. Click onto the three-dotted button in the Vault area.

  6. Choose the Vault from the list.

  7. Click Save to save the vault within the flow, or click Discard if you don’t want to add the vault to the flow anymore.