Using Variables in the Factory

Vault Variables are not available in Factory Lite and Factory Personal licenses.

Variables are external values, which are referenced by a flow during its execution, and can be shared with other flows and users.

Located in the Flow Summary, the Variables tab is useful if you want to visualize and set the code and the vault variables.

The Variables panel can be opened by clicking on the pencil button. It allows you to visualize Code and Vault Variables. From there you can:

  • Modify the variables' values

  • Visualize the source of the variables, as they can be:

    • Local (Flow variables): when they are set at flow level, and they modify the inherited Environment variable only for the current flow;

    • Environment variables: when they are set at Environment level. Environment variables are inherited by all the flows within the environment.

In Rulex Factory, there are different variable types for both Environments and flows:

Variable type



Code Variable

Allows you to change the values of parameters used in task options without needing to open and modify the flow directly.

Variables panel in the Flow Summary

Vault Variable

It is linked to a password manager, usually a cloud service, which allows you to securely store and access reserved information.

Variables panel in the Flow Summary

Runtime Variable

Can be imported into a flow from an external file, and whose life-cycle is limited to the duration of the computation, as they are not persisted in the database.

Runtime Variables task

In the Factory, variables are divided by type. So sensitive values will not be isolated from the other variables anymore. Their values are always encrypted, but they can be displayed only to those who have modify permissions.

Procedure - modifying flow variables

  1. Select the Variables tab from the panel located at the left of the stage.

  2. Click on the pencil button to open the Variables panel and to modify their values by either:

    1. Clicking on the text you want to make changes to;

    2. Clicking on the plus button to add new variables;

    3. Clicking on the minus button to delete an existing variable.

  3. Sources can be modified by choosing them by opening the drop down list in the Source section.

  4. Click Save to save the changes or click Discard to close the panel without applying changes.

To visualize the procedure to modify the Environment variables, go to the corresponding page.