Using Alerts in the Factory

Not available in Factory Lite and Factory Personal licenses.

Alerts can be set for all computable Rulex tasks.

They are very helpful in quickly detecting problems in a flow, and pinpointing where the problem occurred.

Located in the panel at the left of the stage, the Alert tab displays the alerts set on the current flow.

Three buttons are located on top of it:

  • Add alert: click on this button to add a new alert.

  • Disable/Enable all alerts: click on this button to disable or enable all alerts.

  • Search: click con this button to search a specific alert.

Email alerts

You can configure alerts so that they can send emails when specific tasks, or the entire flow, meet specific requirements, set in the alert features.

The specified recipients receive the following information:

Option name


Alert name

The unique name assigned to the alert

Event type

Corresponds to the type of alert configured. Possible types can be:

  • Task started

  • Task ended

  • Error raised

  • Task duration

  • Task rows


The severity label assigned to the alert when it was created. Possible severity labels can be:

  • Information

  • Warning

  • Error

Task names

 The names of the tasks where the alert is active. You can select them by clicking on the button below the text bar.

Task categories

The task categories where the alert is active. You can select them by clicking on the button above the text bar.

Recipients for email alert (comma separated)

The recipients of the email alert are displayed here. You can add more than one email address, that needs to be separated by a comma from the previous one.

Setting alerts

  1. Click the bell button in the panel at the left of the stage to open the Alerts tab.

  2. Click on the plus button to open the Alert panel.

  3. Type the name of the new alert and click Apply.

  4. In the Alert panel, set the options for the alert and click Save.