Prioritizing Tasks in the Factory

Not available in Factory Lite license.

When executing tasks in a flow, the parent-child relationship of tasks will always be respected. So if the right-hand output pin of a task is connected to the left-hand input pin of the successive task, these tasks are in a parent-child hierarchy, and they will always be executed in that order.

When working with extremely long and complex flows, with countless branches, it might be useful to prioritize the order in which tasks are executed.


  1. Select the Priorities tab in the panel located at the left of the stage.

  2. Click on the pencil button to open the Priority Manager window.

  3. Select the task you want to modify the priority from the task list provided. You can filter the tasks by:

    1. Category

    2. Task name

    3. Priority

  4. Enter a priority according to your requirements:

    1. 0 - this is the default value, and it means that the parent-child hierarchy alone decides task execution order.

    2. 999999999 - the higher the value, the higher its priority. A task with priority 9999 will be the first task to be executed, respecting the parent-child hierarchy.

    3. -999999999 - the lower the value, the lower the priority. A task with priority -9999 will be the last task in the process to be executed, respecting the parent-child hierarchy.

  5. Click Apply to save the changes.