Enriching Flows using Widgets

Depending on the operations to perform, you can build more or less complex flows: depending on the business needs, moreover, you might need to add widgets, that are graphical add-ons to the flow.

Widgets allow you to make your flows more comprehensible also by those who are not used to Rulex Factory’s interface, or in case you work on multiple datasets in the same flow, and you want for example to make the flow’s beginning clearer also to those who don’t have the permissions to modify it.

Through the Widgets panel, in fact, you can add multiple graphical items, like arrows, shapes, lines: once a widget is dragged onto the stage, the Widgets toolbar becomes the Inspector, where you can modify the widget’s layout, like its shape and color.

It is possible also to add Text boxes to your presentation, where you can add further explanation about the flow built.

Widgets, especially text boxes, are useful to those who don’t have TOTAL permissions on the current flow, as they can give further directions on how to understand the current flow.


  1. Drag a widget onto the stage from the Widget side toolbar.

  2. Click on the widget to move and reshape it.

  3. Set the widget’s dimensions and colors from the Inspector.