Modifying the attributes used in a plot in the Data Manager

You can work directly on attributes that have already been used in a plot, such as filtering the values.


  1. Click on the three-line icon in the top-left hand corner of the heat map to display plot element icons.

  2. Click on the element the attribute belongs to (for example, X or Y).

  3. Click the attribute you want to change and select the required operation, as described in the table below:





To decide whether to show all the values or not.

Refer to the pre-filter section to know more about how to use filters.


To insert a formula to your attribute or add an Aggregate operator.

Switch Axis

To move your attribute from one axis to another.


Through detach mode, you can separate two attributes that are on the same element into two or more different plots, depending on the number of attributes on the same component.


To attach the attribute on the same axis in the same plot.

Once selected you can choose the attribute(s) you want to use to merge the two plots.

This option works only if the Detach option has been previously applied.


To remove your attribute from the plot.