Plotting Data in the Data Manager

Many different kinds of plots can be created in the Data Manager, to help you visually understand data.

Plots are particularly useful for detecting abnormal data, called outliers.

To start building a plot, you need to click on the Plots tab, then click on the plus button to add a new plot. You can add as many plots as you want.

By default, only one plot is created, even when there are more attributes on the same element.

To know more on how to separate a plot into multiple related plots, see the Modifying the attributes used in a plot in the Data Manager page.

Once the Data Manager task is saved and computed the plot is persistent. This means that if you close and open the task again, it is stored in the Plot tab in its original format.

If you want to modify the dataset in the Data tab after having built the plot, go to the corresponding page to see how to update the plot as well.

Plot types in the Data Manager

In Factory’s Data Manager, you will find five different plot types:

Configuring Plots in the Data Manager

Rulex Factory gives you complete control over the layout and configuration of every single plot.

Plot specific configuration is described in the corresponding page, while general configuration options are explained in these introductory pages: