variance function in the Factory

The variance function returns the variance of the column, evaluated within groups defined by the group parameter if required.

The variance is a measure of dispersion, which displays how a set of values is far from their average value.

The variance function is also available by:

Function and parameters

variance(column, group)




It identifies the column to which you want to apply the formula. The column parameter is mandatory.


It allows you to group the results by a certain column.


The following example uses the Bike sales dataset.



  • In the example here, we want to retrieve the variance of the Profit attribute.

  • We add a new attribute and write the following formula: variance($"Profit")

  • The variance for the Profit attribute is 206013.811

  • If we want to have a more specific analysis, we can add the group parameter to the formula. In the example, we want our results to be grouped by the Country attribute.

  • The formula becomes: variance($"Profit",$"Country")

  • The results are as follows:

    • The variance for Canada is 204225.686.

    • The variance for Australia is 185416.613.