Saving a Repository Connection as a Resource

Not available in Factory Lite license.

In Rulex Factory you can perform versioning operations on your flows.

Versioning can be very useful in collaborative working: using this feature helps reducing human errors in exporting and importing flows with date and time as suffixes and minimizes memory occupation.

Rulex versioning allows you to save, update, merge and retrieve specific versions of a flow, and is based on the Git version control system.

To start performing versioning operations, you need to add the repository to the environment by saving it as a resource. This way, you can add it to all the flows within the environment without needing to add its details again.

Rulex's technical documentation does not and cannot provide comprehensive guidelines on the use of third-party software, beyond how Rulex integrates with this software. Please consult the technical documentation of the third-party software itself for up to date information.


  1. Open the Explorer and unselect the Flow filter.

  2. Hover over the plus button and click on Add New Repository.

  3. Provide the Repository Info required, then choose a name and store it as a resource.

The following details must be provided:




Enter the URL of your Git repository.


Enter the username required to access to Git repository.


Enter the password paired to the username required to access to Git repository

Repo type

The type of the repo used. As Rulex Platform supports Git, Git is displayed as default repo type and cannot be changed.


Enter the email address of the user associated to the repository to commit activities.

Once the repository has been saved, you can visualize it in the Explorer when the Flow filter is unselected.

Go to the Versioning Flows page to start performing versioning operations.