Importing Resources

In Rulex Factory, you can import resources within your environment, so that they are available if you need to use them while creating new flows or working on existing ones.

To know more on Resources, please read the corresponding page.



  1. Open the Explorer and uncheck the Flow filter option;

  2. Hover the Plus button and click on the Import Resource button;

  3. Select the Source type (Saved or Custom) and insert the required details for Filesystems, if you have chosen a Custom source.

  4. Choose the resources to import by clicking the Select button in the Path 1 section.

  5. Click on the Add new path button, located next to the Select button, to add a new path for a new resource. You can add as many paths as you want.

  6. Click on the X button, located next to the Select button, to cancel the corresponding path.

  7. Click on the Delete all paths button, located under the Add new path button, to cancel all the inserted paths.

  8. Click on Import to complete the import operation.

  9. Click on Cancel to close the Import resource panel without importing resources.

You can always edit the resources' details by right clicking on the resource in the Explorer and choosing Information.

In the Information pane, click on the pencil button to edit the resource details according to the Remote Connection or Database information required.