Importing Flows

Instead of creating flows from scratch, you can also import them to the Factory.

This is useful when you want to work on flows that have been previously created by other users on different machines.

The import process is very easy and user-friendly, but you must have the necessary permissions to do so.

If you are importing a flow which has specific sources and it has been exported from another environment, make sure to have the same saved source into the environment, otherwise set it as Custom and go on with the import operations.

If the sources of the flow don’t correspond, it won’t compute, as the connection doesn’t exist in the import environment.

It doesn’t happen when more users have Share permissions on sources.

The following formats can be imported in Rulex Factory:

  • Files in RFL format, that are flows exported from the Factory;

  • Files in PRCX format, that are Rulex 4’s processes.



  1. Click the Explore resources icon to open the Explorer pane.

  2. Hover over the Plus icon.

  3. Select Import flow.

  4. Select if you want to import a flow from a Filesystem or a Repository.

  5. From the SOURCE slider, select whether the exported flow is in a previously saved location, or in a custom location (which you must successively specify).

  6. Choose from the drop down list if you want to import the flow from your computer (Local filesystem) or from a remote connection. If you are importing from a remote connection, choose it from the list and then click on the pencil button to set the connection information required.

  7. Click Select Flow and browse to the location of the flow you want to import.

  8. Enter a new name for the flow if required in the New flow name text box.

  9. Then, open the Module Conversion policy drop down list (only if you are importing a PRCX file).
    From this drop-down list you need to define one of the following module conversion policies to make sure everything is smoothly imported.

    • Empty - if left blank, only the flow itself is converted from PRCX to RFL, and any modules contained within the flow are in no way changed. If you select this option, you must then manually update the paths of any referenced modules, once they have been converted.

    • Only Options - if selected, this option converts the flow itself, and then updates the path to any modules used within the flow from PRCX to RFL so they are correctly referenced. However, it does not convert the module itself. This option is the recommended choice, unless you are the owner of the modules, with write permissions.

    • Option and Module - this final option converts both the flow and any modules it contains, creating new RFL versions of files. To use this option, you must have write permissions for the flow and all its modules, and should be used only if you are the owner of both.

  10. Click Import to complete the import operation.

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