Importing Environments in the Factory

As previously said, a default Environment is created within Rulex Platform, and you can create as many Environments as you want.

Not only you can create environments from scratch, but you can also import them.

When importing an Environment, you will import as well:

  • all the resources within the Environment (e.g.: flows, macros, connections)

  • all the variables

The Environment to import must be of Rulex Environment format (.renv format)


  • You must have created an environment (or use the default environment).

  • You must have an exported Rulex environment in.renv format.


  1. Open the Explorer.

  2. Hover over the Plus icon.

  3. Select Import environment.

  4. Select if you want to import an environment from a Filesystem or a Repository.

  5. From the SOURCE slider, select whether the exported environment is in a previously Saved location, or in a Custom location (which you must successively specify).

  6. If you are exporting to a Custom file location, choose from the drop down list if you want to import the environment from your computer (Local filesystem) or from a remote connection. If you are importing from a remote connection, choose it from the list and then click on the pencil button to set the connection information required.

  7. Click Select Environment and browse to the location of the environment you want to import.

  8. Enter a new name for the environment if required in the Insert desired environment name text box.

  9. Click Import to complete the import operation.

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