Getting started with Rulex Platform

Rulex’s mission is to build a world where data work for you.

Rulex Platform is an end-to-end data management system, where you can build, monitor, integrate, run, and maintain enterprise-level solutions based on your business data.

It is made up of three integrated components, which are highly customizable and ready-to-use, with a simple user-friendly drag-and-drop interface:

  • Studio - an interactive dashboard builder designed for business users to display and share insight found in data.

  • Factory - the Platform’s main component, it allows to work on your data with many tools, ranging from data prep and pre-processing, to rule engines, machine learning, and optimization, all in the same drag and drop working environment.

  • Infopoint - a central meeting point with technical documentation.

Rulex Platform’s easy interface hides its immense capacity to deal with extremely complex and custom business problems.

Rulex Platform is powered by:

  • Exceptional computation capabilities. Rulex has top class execution times and can process extremely high volumes of data without suffering performance degradation.

  • Self-code programming. Rulex's drag and drop user interface allows process and data experts to automate operational decisions in autonomy, without programmers or data scientists. At the same time, the software writes the code for you, meaning that, when you are performing an operation on the interface, the code is written behind it, making the software flexible, highly customizable and reliable.

  • Explainable AI. Traditional “black box” AI solutions rely on machine learning algorithms that produce predictive models in the form of mathematical functions that cannot be understood by laypeople, or in many cases, even by mathematicians. Rulex’s clear-box algorithms create predictive models in the form of if-then logic rules to make the best data-driven decision. Rulex can integrate existing process rules with new models extracted from data to produce a union of human and machine decision knowledge in a single, seamless system. The result is a decision that’s fully explainable and auditable – simple for anybody to see the exact reasons for every decision. 

  • Business tailored optimization. Business-oriented high-level tasks, which facilitate process optimization within Rulex, via business key values instead of complex mathematical formulas. 

  • Extensive support for production execution. Rulex provides an integrated platform to automate decision-making processes, decreasing employee time-to-productivity, allowing fast development cycles and simplifying production deployment.

Rulex Platform is currently available as a Windows Desktop application.

It will soon be available in a cloud-based version, which works well on all browsers, but performs best on Google’s Chrome browser.

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