Using the Summary

The Summary is one of the Flow Summary’s tabs: here you can find a list of all the tasks used in the current flow.

You can choose between two visualization layouts: you can switch between them by choosing the type at the bottom of the Summary panel, in the Order by: drop down list.

  • Category: tasks will be grouped by category.

  • Name: all tasks will be displayed without being grouped. You can choose among different types of sorting:

    • Alphabetical order (ascending or descending)

    • Creation date

    • Last changed

On top of the Summary panel you can open the Option Manager by clicking on the pencil button, or you can search tasks by clicking the magnifier and typing the task’s name.

The Option Manager

The Option Manager allows to modify the parametric options of the chosen task.

Once you have clicked on the pencil button, the Option Manager window opens and a check box appears next to each task in the summary.

You can select only one category at a time. If you wish to change the parametric options for multiple tasks, they need to belong to the same category.

To know more about the Option Manager and how to set the parametric options, go to the following page:

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