The Factory is one of Rulex Platform’s components, which allows you to perform advanced data analysis operations using a single high-performing no-code interface.

With the Factory you can:

  • Prepare and pre-process data;

  • Use algorithms ranging from optimization to clear-box on your data;

  • Create Flows with all the tasks available in your package;

  • Customize Flow features;

  • Perform effective data analysis


Rulex’s mission is to help people and organizations take the best possible decisions by seamlessly combining transparent data-driven knowledge with human expertise. We have worked hard to build a unique platform that can be used by anyone from a standard laptop, without writing a line of code. Since 2014, our team, together with an extensive network of partners, has helped clients from all over the world improve operational and decision-making processes by using data-driven insight.

Rulex Factory is the first comprehensive Digital Decision Platform, which effectively automates operational business processes.

The Factory is powered by:

  • Exceptional computation capabilities. Rulex Factory has top class execution times and can process extremely high volumes of data without suffering performance degradation. For example running on a standard laptop Rulex Platform can handle 500 million cells with 8GB of RAM, and sort over 10 million rows of data in less than 2 seconds.

  • Zero code programming. Rulex Factory’s drag and drop user interface allows process and data experts to automate operational decisions in autonomy, without programmers or data scientists. 

  • Explainable AI. Traditional “black box” AI solutions rely on machine learning algorithms that produce predictive models in the form of mathematical functions that cannot be understood by laypeople, or in many cases, even by mathematicians. Rulex’s clear-box algorithms create predictive models in the form of if-then logic rules to make the best data-driven decision. Rulex Factory can integrate existing process rules with new models extracted from data to produce a union of human and machine decision knowledge in a single, seamless system. The result is a decision that’s fully explainable and auditable – simple for anybody to see the exact reasons for every decision. 

  • Business tailored optimization. Business-oriented high-level tasks, which facilitate process optimization within the Platform, via business key values instead of complex mathematical formulas. 

  • Extensive support for production execution. Rulex provides an integrated platform to automate decision-making processes, decreasing employee time-to-productivity, allowing fast development cycles and simplifying production deployment. Process execution can be managed via scheduled activities or API-calls.

Rulex Platform as an agile tool

Rulex Platform is an intrinsically agile tool through which it is possible to experiment on data and quickly perform trial and error operations to check real-time how results changes according to selected configurations. Only once you are satisfied with the results these operations can be saved, and you can move on to the overall configuration of your process.  This flexibility is essential in a fast-changing and highly competitive market, where decisions have to be taken quickly and plans need to rapidly change as soon as decisions are no longer valid.

Factory user guidelines

Here is a list of the main topics we will be dealing with for the Factory:

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Rulex Factory’s core is based on Rulex 4, and it shares the same functions, which have been enriched and are growing with constant updates.